Your packaging design or ours, we have an existing array of more than 5,000 sample products to select from, we build items to your specifications and apply your branding.
Retail display, fully customize your in-store product sets or utilize our existing product offerings.
In-store Display
Your packaging design or ours, we have an existing array of more than 5,000 products to select from, or we can build items to your specifications.
Store Distribution
Our logistics services include international distribution of products to the locations according to your needs.
Restocking Services
Programs are available to offer in-store restocking services of products to your multi-store locations in select regional locations.
We can hold inventory for just-in-time delivery to your multi-store locations.
In-store Self Service Wall - 1 & 2 meters
These self-service walls are the perfect set-up for the angler and the shop keeper. Now any fisherman can easily and quickly choose the right gear for the right type and style of fishing. Each wall features up to 200 of the most popular items, each organized and placed for maximum sales - nothing could be easier to get your shop into the fishing business!
Cash & Carry Action Sales Wall - 1 & 2 meters
These in-store sets are designed for maximum exposure, ease-of-use and maximum sales. Featuring our most popular items at unbeatable prices - the perfect fit for your particular store needs - a guaranteed program, featuring excellent service, product turn-over efficiency and quick delivery.
Did you know that fishing is the most popular leisure activity in the world? More than 400 million people go fishing on a regular basis.
The world-wide average shows that more than 10% of the population fish or are interested in this popular passion.
Many industrialized nations, such as the USA, Japan, Australia and Europe, realize the significance of leisure fishing with many retail locations offering large assortments of fishing-related products.
The potential in the retail world for additional specialized fishing outlets is great. There are currently less specialty shops available to supply potential fishing consumers who are looking to purchase fishing-related items. Over 20 million fishing days are lost due to the lack of supply of fishing products.
Every retail environment can benefit from a well-designed in-store set as a profit center.
 • Efficient strategy
 • Defined program
 • Well-rounded proven program
 • Complete branding and fully-developed product offering
 • Successful special promotion
 • Fast turnover
 • Low cost/high profit
 • No need for additional expert staff
 • Minimum placement requirement
 • Coordinated sales promotions
 • Continuous communications and reporting
 • Simple order placement
 • Monitored supply availability
 • Great customer service
 • Quality products at affordable prices

From award winning product design, German engineering and worldwide production sourcing, we deliver value & profitability.
Progress Charting
We provide online reporting and communications on the progress of every job within a secured portal - get realtime production statuses, quality control reports, delivery tracking and expense reporting 24/7.
Production Experience
With more than 28 years of career product development and billions of fishing products currently in distribution worldwide, we have the expertise and qualified production networks to get your special custom tackle project produced with high efficiency.
Award Winning Product Design
We have the best engineers from Germany and Asia, in-tuned with fishing products production and providing decades of experience and international award winning designs.
We've sourced just about every part and widget known in the outdoors industry, so we put our considerable network to work for you.
With production facilities and part suppliers worldwide each component of our network is well suited to handle your product specifications with efficiency and profitability always in the forefront.
Samples Delivery
Samples can be produced to your specifications. Detailed information such as drawings, pictures or prototypes, descriptions, manual instructions, etc. is required for accurate sample production and delivery. From this information, we will produce hand-made first samples for your approval.
Quality Control
We incorporate a five-step quality control protocol that ensures compliance with your specifications throughout the product's creation, production and delivery cycle.
We provide online tracking and quality control during the delivery of your product into the port of your choice - then we insure quality delivery to your doorstep.

We offer international market-specific research, trademarking, packaging design and proven worldwide marketing services as needed.
Patent/Trademark Services
We have an experienced network of intelectual property professionals experienced with outdoor products and the nuances needed to protect your ideas.
International Brand
Why sell only locally when we have proven international programs/ Our specialty is taking either an existing or new brand and ensuring that everything from packaging distribution, advertising and marketing. for a worldwide outdoor audience. Our expertise in distribution of outdoor products worldwide gives you the advantage.
Your Brand
Whether you have an existing brand or in need of a total brand Identity program. We have the experience not only in advertising/marketing, but specifically the Outdoor Sports audience. For more than 30 years our team has actively developed award winning identity programs for some of the largest names in the outdoor sports industry.
Shared Brands
In-store tackle sets . . . Castalia Outdoors has existing brands that can complement your tackle program.

With our established distribution networks in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia to help YOUR brands succeed.
We work with some of the largest names in the industry - but you'll never know which ones. Your business is exactly that, that's why when we do a job for you - confidentiality is paramount. Our reputation rests on the fact that we do not share proprietary information about client projects - before, during or after production.
We have a program to fit your needs, we can provide partial ship inventory throughout the year for inventory and cash flow control.
Our logistics expertise allows you full control over your products - we can design a fulfillment strategy geared for worldwide sales and distribution in specific markets.
We have a wide range of popular financing programs for established and credit-worthy companies. See our Terms and Conditions for additional details on our services.
Electronic Order fulfillment
We are well-versed in the electronic submission of invoicing, purchase orders with the big box stores and we can integrate your sales into our existing systems.
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